Easier handling of tablets

Now it's easy and hygienic to pop tablets from blister packs right into the dosage box. Discover Swedish quality products.

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Practical storage of tablets.

Transparent roller shutter system makes it easy to open and close.

No unattached parts.

Large chambers with rounded corners.

Easy to transport.

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Open and close by pulling the roller shutters back and forth.

Easy to use prescription cards.

Removable inner box.


Dishwasher safe.

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Press to remove tablets from blister packs.

Ergonomic design.

Adjust the opening to the size of the tablet.

Hygienic handling.

Dishwasher safe and withstands alcohol-based cleaning.

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Devices which make it easier to handle tablets – for professionals and private users alike.

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How does the products work?

Watch the film about how Birgitta uses our products or our short instructions video.

How the products work
"The Schine Pill Popper is just what the elderly have been looking for. It’s fantastic, and makes it much easier to load my pill box for the week. It’s a clever product which is really effective."